Would you love to earn with us as an Affiliate?

Make referrals, Get paid.

You can make up to ₦4,400 or even more, every single day for sending business and brand owners to our website to register and promote their business or brand with us.

You will earn ₦200 for every new seller you send to our platforms to post their products.

How Our Affiliate Program Works?

(Please read carefully…)

Ours is a ‘Pay Per Lead’ Affiliate Program.

This simply means that, you get paid for every new VALID and SUCCESSFUL user product registration you send to our website.

You will earn ₦200 for every new seller you send to our platforms to post their products.

They’re still paying the same ₦1,000, but you earn ₦200 on each of them who registers through you!

You will register with us an ‘Affiliate’, and we will assign you a unique Affiliate link to promote on your online media platforms.

We track each registration AUTOMATICALLY via web cookies placed on the web browsers of those you send to us and the subscriptions done through your affiliate links are AUTOMATICALLY credited to you.

The web cookies placed on the web browsers of those you refer to us last for 30 days.

Meaning that, even if they didn’t register on their first visit, but closed their browser, then they came back later to our website by typing in the URL (rather than visiting through your affiliate link) and made their registrations (within the specified 30 days period, from their first time of clicking your affiliate link), we’d still credit their transactions to you.

Most other affiliate programs operate 1 day cookie duration, but we want you to win with us! 🙂

You can see your Affiliate earnings at any time on your Members Affiliate Dashboard.

You’ll be able to withdraw your Affiliate earnings when you reach the ₦1,000 threshold.

We pay out Affiliate commissions MANUALLY every day, including weekends and public holidays!

We give out bonuses for hardworking affiliates thus:

1 to 9 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦0 bonus

10 to 19 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦400 bonus

20 to 29 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦800 bonus

30 to 39 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦1,200 bonus

40 to 49 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦1,600 bonus

50 to 59 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦2,000 bonus

60 to 69 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦2,400 bonus

70 to 79 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦2,800 bonus

80 to 89 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦3,200 bonus

90 to 99 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦3,600 bonus

100 to 109 referrals = ₦200 per referral + ₦4,000 bonus

…and so forth

The more you refer, the more you earn!

The 80/20 Pareto Principle

According to Management Consultant, Joseph M. Juran who suggested the principle and named it after Italian Economist, Vilfredo Pareto, the 80/20 Pareto Principle states that, ‘for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes’.

Source: Wikipedia

This simply means that you can achieve at least 20% referrals from your everyday social media connections that you have.

In recent times, a user can have up to 5,000 Facebook friends, about 500 Instagram followers, about 500 Twitter followers, and about 2,560 WhatsApp contacts (from 10 WhatsApp groups).

Going by the above, a single person, unaware has about 8,000 social media connections.

And most of those connections are business or brand people who need to get their brands promoted on MediaGinger.com.

Using the 80/20 Pareto Principle, you can reach out to about 20% of your 8,000 audience, which are 1,600 people.

If 20% of that 1,600 people responds to your call, then you can have about 320 people sign up through you within a short time frame!

This is not mere conjectures, as I often drive a full WhatsApp group of 257 audiences to my WhatsApp trainings in a short span of just 5 days!

So with 320 referrals, you can make ₦64,000, plus ₦12,800 hard work bonus, totaling ₦76,800 – just for sharing your affiliate links across your social networks, which you can even do as you take a stroll down the streets or ride in a cab!

A lot of people use their internet data to watch movies, chat away the time, gossip, or even watch porn!

But, now, thanks to Media Ginger, you can spare a little of that time and internet data to make a good side-hustle income!

The best part is, we’ll even provide you marketing copies to post on your social networks, so as to make the marketing promotions as easy as possible for you!

You can find these marketing copies and promotional materials in your Affiliate Members Dashboard.

So, your only task is to share the marketing and promotional copies (even with your mobile smartphone!) – and you can smile to the bank every single day! 🙂

Will you grab this opportunity?

So, below are the steps to follow to get started as an Affiliate to the Media Ginger Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program:


1. Go to http://MediaGinger.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/ to Register as an affiliate.

2. Fill in all your details in the fields provided. When you’re done, click ‘Submit Application’.

3. Get a confirmation message.

4. Check the email you used for registration for your login password (be sure to change your password after you log in to your Members Affiliate Dashboard to what you can easily remember), as well as further details about your registration. NOTE that the confirmation email might at times take up to a few hours to arrive. So, be calm. 

5. Go to your Affiliate Dashboard at http://MediaGinger.com/affiliate-home/, via the Affiliate Login Page at http://MediaGinger.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/.

6. Get your referral code from the menu tab/button ‘Affiliate Links‘, then under the heading, ‘Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID‘, to post on your social media networks.

7. Get notified by email upon successful referrals of people who subscribes through you.

8. Earn a commission after someone registers through you.

9. Get paid when you reached your payment threshold of ₦1,000.

10. Repeat the cycle from ‘point number 5‘ above.


That’s it!

Are you ready to become an Affiliate?

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