How It Works

Put your brand, products, or services in front of thousands of people across our platforms – for FREE, for life!

We Are Your Favourite, Classified Ads Company

For just ₦1,000 (lifetime platform maintenance fees – which you pay once and for all!), you can put your products or services in front of thousands of people across our platforms!


We’d continue to show your products on:

* Our Website

* Our Facebook Page

* Our Instagram Page

* Our Twitter Handle

* Our YouTube Channel

* Our SoundCloud Channel

* …and even, Your OWN Online Platforms too (automatically)


Part of the platform maintenance fees we charge would be used to run regular and continuous paid adverts one week out of every month on our platforms, giving your products or services continuous brand boosting!


We’ve been running paid adverts on the online media – especially, on Facebook and Google – since 2014, it’s cheap, and we know how to maneuver things there.

You get to benefit from our paid adverts when you post your brand, business, or services on our platforms.


And the best part is that, you ONLY pay a one-time platform maintenance fee of just ₦1,000, and you enjoy the promotions for FREE, for life!


You can send your products or services descriptions in:

* Texts

* Images/Pictures

* Videos

* Audios


This program is good for promoting:

* Physical products (furniture, farm outputs, clothes, watches, etc.)

* Digital and downloadable products (graphic designs, photos, videos, music, e-books, documents, etc.)

* Online courses (e.g., online cooking classes, online bead making, etc.)

* Services (e.g., web designs services, legal services, consulting services, etc.)

* …and so forth

How to Submit

1. Pay a ONE-TIME-OFF platform maintenance fee of just ₦1,000…you’re NOT paying anything else thereafter for life! (Learn How To Pay Here).

2. We confirm your payments from our end.

3. Fill out the Products Registration Form.

4. Get notified with links to see your ‘Live Products‘ on our platforms.

Get Ahead of Your Competition! Get Noticed in a Noisy World!

Media Ginger (a subsidiary of The Generalissimo Media – BN 2782590) is a Classified Adverts website that helps you put your brand, products, or services in front of thousands of people across its online platforms (the website, its Facebook page, its Instagram page, its Twitter handle, and its YouTube channel) – for FREE, for life!

You can easily get your products, services, or brand put up on our platforms by submitting them to us for posting.

Although Media Ginger is a free advertising website, you’ll nevertheless pay a token of ₦1,000 as a platform maintenance fee.

You’re paying that fee once, and for all.

No future payments, no additional or hidden charges.

We’re literally helping you to reduce and cut costs you should’ve continued to use to run adverts by advertising for you on our platforms.

We will run paid adverts one week in every month on our platforms, continuously using the platform maintenance fees, and your products will gain brand visibility from such promotions.

You can make payments to us easily via numerous mediums by following the payments guide you’ll find on our How to Make Payments‘ page here.

Your payments and credit card details are secured by our 100% latest web security technologies from our 3rd party payments processing companies like GTBank, other Nigerian banks, Paystack, and Flutterwave.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Your products, services, or brand you submit to us will be ‘Live‘ on our platforms within 24 hours of confirming your Platform Maintenance Fee payments.

We will however send you links to your products on our platforms after they’ve been posted for you.


We run a ‘Pay Per Lead‘ affiliate program that gives you awesome commissions and bonuses.

We pay affiliate commissions every single day, including weekends and public holidays.

You can read the full details about our Affiliate Program here.

If you have any further questions that we’ve not answered above, or you have any suggestions or advice for us, or you just want to say ‘Hi’…

Then, you can Contact Us from here.

We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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We help you reach a global audience you never thought of!

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We promote your brand to their exact targeted audience.

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Our promotions bring the best offers to you from your marketplace.

100% Guaranteed

Our services are 100% groundbreaking guaranteed!

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